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Gifting, ... When the Stakes Could Not be Higher!

Gallery BOOK ARTS has a long history of working with American Presidents to create personalized gifts for foreign heads of state. Our artists, researchers and conservators collaborate to capture the essence of each administration's objectives for each summit, in every bespoke piece we create. Using only the finest materials and archival techniques to ensure the highest level of artistry, the most specific and genuine concern for the recipient

is conveyed by these enduring objects. As lasting evidence, these "sublimal messengers" continue to reside within Presidental Palaces the world over, designed to last as museum pieces, and ambassadors of American good will, for more than 300 years.

President Obama Presents an Archival Leather Box, Hand-Gold tooled with Seeds from Mrs. Obama's Garden as a Symbolic Gift created by Gallery BOOK ARTS. This gift recognizes Pope Francis' opening for the very first time, the Vatican's Papal Private Gardens to the public.

Our focus on quality goes beyond the finished product; we also place great importance on the customer experience. We work closely with each client, private and institutional, whether single commissions, or editions of 1000 books, to ensure that their vision is realized in every detail.

Obamas Gift for Pope Francis
"The Seeds Chest." The Wood for this Custom Made Gift from the Obamas to Pope Frances, was ecologically harvested from the Baltimore Basilica's pew restoration project at the Oldest American Catholic Cathedral.

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