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Multi Chamber Slipcase.
Each Original Volume protected within Identifying decorative Leather compartments. 

Two-Chamber Slipcases

AFTER  Saving orginal Sides Spine and Title Labels

BEFORE Spines torn at the hinges, Broken into pieces 

Calfskin Slipcase to hold set of Dust Jacketed complete set as-published, with accompanying Digital version housed in companion folio. Each dust jacket protected with mylar.

Bespoke acid=free clamshell with curved spine and 23kt gold tooled leather labels, 

1739 First Edition     -- Leather spine was completely missing. Sewing damaged in previous mends, was rewoven into original cords. New leather spine was created from restoration book-calf, and hand-dyed and patinated to sympathetically reattached the original front and rear covers, matching tone and luster of the original portion of the binding.  A new leather title label, was hand stamped in 23kt gold, inspired by the original.

Fine Goatskin clamshell for Untouched First Edition.

Original Dust Jacket wrapped in Mylar



Several Labels

were saved

New Vegetable Tanned full Calf bindings

Hand tooled covers and spines 

 Dachau Album - 5 Year Project

Conservation, Restoration, Scanning, Printing, Bookbinding

5 Year Project to restore original album, disassemble album, flat hand place scan 600dpi, source authentic acid free German Paper, hand patina pages and leather to match original.

Create exact match of watercolor drawings and 151 pages of photograph snapshots. Create embroidery materials. Replicate jewelry pin and prisoner uniform remnants for front cover corners. Hand bind new Leather Covers, and hand sew with Irish linen cord, the Original artifact binding, and hand sew sets of 5 replica albums with hand edged matching diamond dimensional sides. Prepare original and first replica for the Library of Congress.                                                See Blog Post Tab above

M.K. Gandhi    Indian First Edition 

Very Fragile.  Original covers housed in Mylar jackets, then placed within bespoke cavities of the two-compartment, two-chamber acid free slipcase, which supports and stabilizes the frail Spines, while permitting viewing their spines, without handling.  

Titled in 23 kt Gold on the slipcase.